Wilardy 1275 Pearl Lucite Double Compartment Handbag


Highly collectible vintage 50s Wilardy Lucite bag


*Style 1275 in pearl lucite featured on the Wilardy Originals website homepage


*Double compartment with S latch top closure and push in activated hook clasp on bottom compartment

*Oval mirror attached to top lid

*Formed handle with gold tone ball hinge

*Bags were produced by Will Hardy from 1946-1979

*Marked with engraved lettering on interior gold plate hinge "WILARDY US PATENTED" ; given the markings this bag may safely be dated pre-1954 prior to the use of copyrights.





Width 6 1/4"

Depth 4 1/8"

Total Height 5 3/4"


Lid Depth  1/2" 

Tray Depth 1 1/2"

Bottom Compartment Depth 3 3/4"


Handle Width 4 1/4" from side to side

Handle Height  6"

Handle Band Width 1/2" 

Handle Thickness 1/4"


CONDITION:  Excellent vintage condition.  Hinges and latches are bright polished gold with no wear.  Lucite is clean with iridescent pearl.  Light scratching on bottom of bag and wear to mirror (possibly from adhesive) is the only notable damage on this magnificent bag.  


*Catalog photos courtesy of www.wilardy.com

*Please refer to the Wilardy Originals website for additional photos and information on these highly collectible handbags.


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